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photo of Monkeying Around On The Rock Of Gibraltar Monkeying Around On The Rock Of Gibraltar
Today we had a real mix of experiences, from visiting the town of Tarifa where the Rif Mountains of Africa dominate the seascape, then onto Gibraltar for a border crossing? And a visit to the famous Barbary Apes
February 01, 2008:
Young Barbary Macaque (aka Barbary Ape), Macaca sylvanus, in a tree on...
photo of Gibraltar Rock Cable Car Gibraltar Rock Cable Car
Picture of the cable car ascending the Rock of Gibraltar with stunning views over Gibraltar Bay and the city.
February 01, 2008:
Cable car ascending the Rock with views over the city of Gibraltar...
photo of Rock Of Gibraltar Britain Rock Of Gibraltar Britain
Picture of a small slice of Britain on the Iberian Peninsula, the Rock of Gibraltar, UK
February 01, 2008:
The Rock in the city of Gibraltar, Britain, United Kingdom, Europe seen...
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