We spend two weeks on the shores of Hudson Bay in Manitoba in the town of Churchill - chasing Polar Bears.

From Toronto we flew to Winnipeg on October 21st then onto Churchill - on the shores of Hudson Bay, the following day.

When we first arrived in Churchill, the tundra was brown and the polar bears were sleeping and reserving their energy. The freezing conditions and snow of winter had yet to arrive, even if it was bitterly cold for us, it wasn't cold enough for the polar bears. Several days after our arrival - the lakes in the tundra were snap frozen overnight and it started to look promising - perhaps winter was finally here. The next day was even better - snow!

The good thing was, the bears became a little more active at least until the weather warmed again ... slightly.

Eventually winter (proper) came but during our last days in Churchill. Regardless of the weather, we did manage to capture some interesting impressions of the polar bears and had a lot of interesting experiences.

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photo of Miss Piggy Churchill Manitoba Miss Piggy Churchill Manitoba
History is everywhere in and near Churchill, from shipwrecks to crash landed planes called Miss Piggy.
October 25, 2007 (continued):
On the way back to our Bed and Breakfast we stopped in at Miss...
photo of A Shipwreck In Bird Cove Hudson Bay Canada A Shipwreck In Bird Cove Hudson Bay Canada
The snow finally arrived but not a polar bear in sight only a shipwreck in Bird Cove on the shores of Hudson Bay, Canada.
October 25, 2007:
We woke to a snow covered wonderland as hoped and were excited to get out...
photo of Self Driven Polar Bear Tour From Churchill Manitoba Self Driven Polar Bear Tour From Churchill Manitoba
Today was bingo - we visit a couple of wild polar bears, still a little sleepy but at least a little animated!
October 24, 2007:
It seems to be our new thing - early up and early to bed (relatively early...
photo of Sleeping Polar Bears Hudson Bay Canada Sleeping Polar Bears Hudson Bay Canada
No snow yet but a few sleeping polars bears, resting on the shores of Hudson Bay.
October 23, 2007:
We rose bright and early again this morning and had a delicious cooked...
photo of Arrival In Churchill Manitoba Arrival In Churchill Manitoba
The time has finally arrived ... we head into polar bear country for a couple of weeks. Churchill in Manitoba is the Polar Bear Capital of Canada and the world.
October 22, 2007
As suspected, it was somewhat of a struggle to get up early to catch our...
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