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photo of Soave And Tuscany Italy Soave And Tuscany Italy
A little bit of Soave and Tuscany, Italy, Europe.
After finding an internet store around the corner from our hotel and helping them out on various...
photo of Romantic Venice At Piazza San Marco Romantic Venice At Piazza San Marco
An evening in romantic Venice at the Piazza San Marco, Italy, Europe.
We spend all day exploring this unique town, no matter which way we go, there is always something...
photo of Rialto Bridge Venice Italy Rialto Bridge Venice Italy
Visit to the historic Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy.
We find the Rialto Bridge which spans the Grand Canal and is topped with market stalls in the...
photo of Venetian Masks In Venice Italy Venetian Masks In Venice Italy
Buskers wearing authentic Venetian masks along the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.
Characters in Venetian masks and costumes are standing ready to pose for photographs - for a small...
photo of Crowds Of Venice Italy Crowds Of Venice Italy
Crowds of tourists through the streets of Venice in Italy, Europe.
Today is Venice day and we decide to take the bus from near our hotel in Mestre to the bustling...
photo of Earth Pyramids And Vineyards South Tirol Earth Pyramids And Vineyards South Tirol
From fascinating Earth Pyramids to rows of grape vines in lush green vineyards in South Tirol, Italy.
Leaving our well appointed accommodations in Voels, we wind our way through to the next valley...
photo of Arrive Voels In South Tirol Italy Arrive Voels In South Tirol Italy
Castles and Mountains of South Tirol in Italy, Europe.
After a quick exploration of Brunico and checking out the town’s wonderfully helpful 24/7 (fully...
photo of Tour Begins Munich To Bruneck Tour Begins Munich To Bruneck
Let the tour begin - from Munich in Bavaria, Germany to Bruneck in South Tyrol, Italy.
After some time organizing and planning our trip we were finally ready to head south. We planned...
photo of Bavarian Traditional Ceremony Putzbrunn Bavarian Traditional Ceremony Putzbrunn
The Maibaumfest is an annual traditional Bavarian ceremony in Putzbrunn, Germany, Europe.
To wind up the tree raising ceremony, there is a dance around the Maibaum which is preceded by the...
photo of Putzbrunn Maibaumfest Bavaria Putzbrunn Maibaumfest Bavaria
Pretzel's and Beer in the village of Putzbrunn, Bavaria, Germany.
A team of no less than 30 burly blokes (dressed in original traditional Bavarian lederhosen) use...
photo of Bavarian Traditions On May 1st Bavarian Traditions On May 1st
The Maibaum Festival is an annual Bavarian Tradition held in Germany, Europe.
As mentioned yesterday, today is a public holiday in Germany - The Maibaum festival is a Bavarian...
photo of Breweries And Streets Of Freising Germany Breweries And Streets Of Freising Germany
Breweries and cobbled streets during a tour of Freising, Germany, Europe.
As a complete contrast to yesterday, today was bright and sunny with a slight nip in the air! We...
photo of Farmers Market Freising Germany Farmers Market Freising Germany
A busy Farmers Market Day in Freising, Germany, Europe.
We have been back in Freising in Bavaria (Southern Germany) for a few days, enjoying some time with...
photo of Amsel Bird Germany Amsel Bird Germany
A small brood, an amsel bird sits on a nest with its large chick in Freising, Germany.
Here's another picture, a close up of the Amsel Bird in a nest on an animal skull in Freising,...
photo of Birds Freising Germany Birds Freising Germany
Feathered friends - birds in Freising, Germany, Europe.
This bird has found a great nesting place to raise its single chick here in Freising, Germany. Seen...
photo of Monastery Melk Austria Monastery Melk Austria
Popular Tourist Spot: Monastery Melk in Austria, Europe.
Today was slated for driving back to Freising, but enroute we stopped at the magnificient UNESCO...
photo of Mozart Vienna Austria Mozart Vienna Austria
Mozart Territory in the City of Vienna in Austria, Europe.
Moving on, the domes of St Peters Church peek through the buildings along the Graben before we turn...
photo of Touring Vienna Austria Touring Vienna Austria
An entertaining tour through the city of Vienna, Austria to see elaborate architecture and buskers.
We drove from Hinterbruhl to the city centre about 20-30 minutes away and found parking at the...
photo of Travel To Vienna Austria Travel To Vienna Austria
On the road to the city of Vienna in Austria, Europe.
We leave the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic and cross the border into Austria. Lucky for us...
photo of Old Town Prague Czech Republic Old Town Prague Czech Republic
Walking the ancient streets of Old Town Prague in the Czech Republic, Europe.
On our third day of walking the streets of Prague, we checked out the Old Town district otherwise...
photo of Mala Strana Prague Czech Republic Mala Strana Prague Czech Republic
The Monastery Strahov and the quaint quarter of Mala Strana in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe.
We descend the 101 castle stairs into the area known as Mala Strana. Cafes and boutiques line the...
photo of Prague Castle Czech Republic Prague Castle Czech Republic
St Vitus's Cathedral spires and the Castle of Prague in the Czech Republic, Europe.
Today we walked a million miles - or so it felt! It was castle day! After lucking out with a park...
photo of New Town Prague Czech Republic New Town Prague Czech Republic
The first day in the picturesque City of Prague, Czech Republic is in the New Town sector.
We will have 3 days to explore Prague, so today we concentrated on the New Town District - Nove...
photo of Karlstein Czech Republic Karlstein Czech Republic
The Castle of Karlstein in the Czech Republic, Europe.
After a hearty breakfast, we set off in search of the famous Karlstein Castle in the picturesque...
photo of Morinka Czech Republic Morinka Czech Republic
Arriving in Germany, leaving for Morinka in the Czech Republic, Europe.
After traveling between Germany and the Czech Republic, we arrive at our destination which is the...
photo of Pilsner Urquell Czech Republic Pilsner Urquell Czech Republic
The town of Pilsen is home to Pilsner Urquell, a famous Czech Republic beer.
After touching down in Munich, Germany, just a couple of days ago we are now on the road again …...
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